"To be a man is to be responsible. Is to feel that is helping on the construction of the world."    (Antoine Saint-Exupéry)
    This is the assumption that has been with us since forever and that makes us believe that there is much to build, to discover and to create.

    Founded in 1998 by Paulo Mendanha, the company "Mendanha & Sousa" is a company of the construction area, which has been growing based on the knowledge and experience of the whole team in this area of work.

    Professionalism, rigor and dynamism have driven our growth and are present in every project we develop, believing that these are the factors that will lead us further and further away. And we really want to go even further, by improving strategies and developing corporate policies that enable us to be more competitive, efficient and effective.

    We offer our clients a "turnkey" service, with competitive prices and taking into account the current market requirements.  The use of innovative technologies and the improvement of production processes are part of our way of working, without neglecting the protection of the environment, as well as preventing the health and safety of all employees.